Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Brave, Young and Handsome, by Leif Enger

Sometime back in 2008 I read Leif Enger's Peace Like a River and loved it.  I passed the book along to my mother, an asthmatic, who also loved it.  Not only for the story, but b/c she said it was the best description of what it feels like to be an asthma sufferer.  Like I said I loved PLaR, but for no good reason I never picked up Enger's second book, the subject of this post.

So Brave, Young and Handsome is kind of a western, something like a Charles Portis western maybe.  Humorous at times, sad or poignant at others.  I loved the book.  Some chapters are just a page or two long, parts of the story stretch belief, but I don't care.  I hated putting this book down each night, and thought about how I'd get to continue reading all the next day.

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