Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lost Echoes, by Joe R. Lansdale

  • Title:  Lost Echoes
  • Author:  Joe R Lansdale
  • Received from Paperback Swap
  • Started:  February 2011
  • Finished:  March 20, 2011
I feel like I've fallen into a pit and can't get out, when it comes to reading books.  Lately I just haven't felt like devoting the time & effort into it, which probably sounds worse than I intend.  It's not that things are bad, I just haven't been craving reading like I sometimes do.  Outside of the WSJ in the morning, I'm not doing reading much.
So for the last several months I've had about 4 books going, trying to get one of them to grab me.  My last update was about another Lansdale book and I thought maybe he could bring the magic back.  Unfortunately this book, Lost Echoes, was terrible.  Not anywhere close to the greatness of many of the other Lansdale books. 

I think I've got a couple of good books waiting for me though, so all I need to do now is motivate.