Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Selected Books Read In 2008, Part I

I ended up starting Revenge of Moriarty last night, I read the previous Moriarty book last week (Return of Moriarty). I'm guessing a week or so before I finish.

A few of the books I've read in 2008 (all borrowed from the DC Public Library):

I wish there was a way to get a list from the library of books I've checked out. This is all I can come up with now but I know I've read many more. I go through reading fits, right now I'm in one, and I run through many books. Other times I don't touch a book for weeks.

I liked all of the above novels. I loved Caine Mutiny, Ender's Game, and Soon I will be Invincible. But I really liked all of them.

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