Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Fortune of War, by Patrick O'Brian

The started & finished dates above are approximate.  I did read this one quickly, but not over 2 days.  I left this one out of my other updates (I waited too long to post new books I'd read) and I can't remember the exact dates.  So the dates for this book and the previous 3 (through The Last Child, I believe) are approximate.

Anyway I enjoyed this one immensely, the start of the war of 1812, almost the entire book takes place in America, and a good start/finish of naval battles to book end the rest of the plot.  

The Other Log of Phileas Fog

As I mentioned in the last update on Around the World in 80 Days, I heard about this one somewhere (online, no doubt) and wanted to give it a try.  But first I had to read ATWI80D.  Immediately after finishing ATWI80D, I started on this one.  It didn't grab me initially, but I got into it more & more as I moved through the book.  It's a very fun companion to ATWI80D, answering some of the questions the reader of that book may have about the Fog & his companions.  Reading these books one after the other was great, very happy with both books.

Around the World In Eighty Day, by Jules Verne

Another classic I really should have read a long time ago, I read this one mostly b/c I wanted to read "The Other Log of Phileas Fog" and figured I should read ATWI80D first.  I'm glad I did, not only because ATWI80D was fantastic, but also because TOLOPF would not have been very entertaining without reading this one first.

The Last Child, by John Hart

  • Title:  The Last Child
  • Author:  John Hart
  • Given to me by my mother
  • Started:  8/6/2012
  • Finished: 8/12/2012

While down in Florida for a funeral, staying with my mother, she gave me this book and told me she really enjoyed it.  It wasn't my favorite, a few too many coincidences for my tastes.  However I was intrigued by the plot, fast moving and fun, and it kept me reading a chapter or so night after night.  Mostly forgettable, it did pass the time nicely.