Monday, May 24, 2010

Everybody Smokes in Hell, by John Ridley

Embarrassing, but another book I did not finish.  I'd had this one on my to-read list for a while, but once I finally picked it up I could not get into this thing.  I gave it 2 or 3 chapters, but knew it wasn't for me and didn't feel like forcing myself to read it.  Great title, got to give the book that credit, but the writing did not work for me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Capricorn One, by Ron Goulart

  • Title:  Capricorn One
  • Author:  Ron Goulart
  • Purchased from Antique store outside of Denver, CO
  • Started:  5/18/2010
  • Finished: 5/19/2010
Well I didn't know until just now that the movie came first, and that the two novels by this title (one by Goulart, one by Ken Follett under the name Bernard Ross) were novelizations of the movie.  I loved this short, easy read by Goulart, but damn if I didn't think it was the basis for the movie and not the other way around. 
Anyway this book is a quick read, I'd be surprised if it took me as long to read this as it does to watch the movie.  Still very fun, exciting, and worth the 30 cents I paid for it at the CO antique store.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About Three Bricks Shy: And The Load Filled Up, by Roy Blount Jr

I really shouldn't even have a finished line up there, as I didn't read all of this one.  I love football, and I like to read some sports books, but this one just didn't do it for me.  I read more than half of the book, but even what I read I really skimmed.  This one just didn't grab me, which surprised me since it's considered a sports classic.  Oh well.

Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg: Volume 1 Secret Sharers, by Robert Silverberg

Well I finally decided to stop adding these one story at a time and just read the entire collection and make a post about it.  First off, I loved this collection.  Silverberg's stories were fantastic (ha!), and the intros to each story were very fun.  I read every single story except the last one.  I'm sure one day I'll regret that and find out that "Enter a Solider.  Later:  Enter Another" is by far the greatest short story/novella ever written.  But much as I loved this book, 8 days of reading the same author is though going.  So when I started the final story and it didn't grab me in the first few pages, I put it down and decided I was done.  So back to the library with this book, and fond memories of some really great stories. 
I even took the volume with me to Vail for a long weekend, it made for great reading in Colorado mountains.  Really can't believe I waited this long to read Silverberg.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cold Is The Sea, by Edward L Beach

This is the last of the Richardson-Trilogy, the first two being WW2 submarine books and this third a Cold War nuclear sub book.  The first two (Run Silent, Run Deep (Classics of Naval Literature), and Dust on the Sea (Bluejacket Books))I loved, the appeal of those old diesel subs battling the Japanese is just incredible to me.  This third one wasn't as good, in fact the first half was painfully slow.  But the second half was much better, and ended up being a fairly good read.  All in all I'm glad I've finally finished the trilogy.