Monday, January 24, 2011

Swan Song, by Robert McCammon

  • Title:  Swan Song
  • Author:  Robert McCammon
  • Purchased from used bookstore in Ocean City, MD
  • Started:  1/9/2011
  • Finished 1/23/2011
My never-ending quest for post apocalyptic novels always produced hits on this book, Swan Song.  I liked the title (also the title of one of the greatest Columbo episodes ever, featuring Johnny Cash as the bad guy) but my library didn't have it and I was always looking for a cheap purchase.  Well I found it at a used book store in ocean city, great condition paperback, just a few dollars. 
I should have let them keep the money.  Really disliked this book, not because it was too disturbing (it was a 5 on a disturbing scale of 10, I'd say) or too preachy (it was way too preachy), but none of it grabbed me.  I didn't find any of the characters likeable, believable, or even fun to read about.  I read the whole damn thing, albeit slowly, but one of my least favorite PA novels to date.

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