Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Liquidator by John Gardner

This was a short novel & a quick read.  Decent enough, although I'm not sure I'll bother reading any other books in the series.  I enjoyed the Fleming's Bond books when I finally got around to reading them a year or so ago, but I so far I don't love any of these knock-off/parody Bond books.  No luck on watching the movie version though, Netflix let me down.  If I can't find anything at the public library on my next visit, I'll consider picking up the second Boysie Oakes novel in this series, Understrike.
When I finished the book last night (the last library book I had at home) I started on the paperback version of I Am Legend which had arrived from an AbeBooks vendor that same day.  The copy I have is from the recent movie remake (I've seen all the versions, gotta love "The Omega Man"), picture of Will Smith on the cover.  I didn't love this recent movie version, but the book so far is very entertaining.  Although I already know (I think) the twist at the end, I've always wanted to read this book so I think it will go pretty quickly.
My wife & I are headed to the beach Friday afternoon for an overnight stay.  I'll probably finish I Am Legend on this trip, or at least come close.  I don't need or desire to keep any of these books around, so if I had any readers on this blog I'd volunteer to send the book to them after I was done.  Since I don't, I'll probably offer it up to a coworker.

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