Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One More For The "To Read" List

The whole reason I was looking at AbeBooks last week was to get a specific book for my wife that wasn't available at the library. When I found it, and it was cheap, I decided to go through the list of books I want to read (I keep this in a text file on my cell phone) to find the ones that the library didn't carry.

A few days after I placed the order for the 6 books (5 for me, one for my wife) the seller of the book for my wife emailed to say they no longer had the book available. So the one book that prompted my spending spree on used books wasn't even available any longer.

I went back online, found another copy of the book, but when I went to order I thought of yet another book that I've always wanted to read (I've seen several movie versions of it) but also wasn't held by the library: I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson.

Added to the reading list:
Purchased for my wife:

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