Friday, January 3, 2014

The Commodore, by Patrick O'Brian

  • Title:  The Commodore
  • Author:  Patrick O'Brian
  • Borrowed from Worcester County Public Library (MD -- Ocean City), Audio Book
  • Started:  12/3/2013
  • Finished:  12/17/2013
Somehow I forgot to add this book to my list from 2013, despite enjoying it greatly.  One cold but not too cold day in December in Ocean City, MD, I had this book playing on my iPhone through headphones, and started a long, slow, 10 mile jog from almost the DE border to the inlet in Ocean City.  The first 10 mile run I had made in years.  While that may have nothing to do with the book, it did open up longer distance running to me again, even if slower than I used to run.  I never stopped running, but had dropped my distance significantly to just 2 or 3 miles  a day.  I've fired off 5, 7 and 10 mile jogs several times since that Ocean City run, while listening to this book.


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