Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Last Man On Eath [Movie] & Panic In Year Zero! [Movie]

Thanks to Netflix's "Watch Instantly" I was able to check out the movie The Last Man On Earth, which was the first film adaptation of the book I Am Legend. I'd seen The Last Man On Earth before, several times in fact, as a kid. They used to show it on (in the Tampa Bay area) WTOG Channel 44's Creature Feature (hosted by Dr. Paul Bearer). But at the time, decades ago now (how is that possible?) I of course had not read the book, or even knew it was based on a book.

Not remembering the movie at all, I was surprised to see how faithful an adaptation The Last Man On Earth was to I Am Legend. Certainly when compared to The Omega Man or the recently released Will Smith version of I Am Legend. Last Man On Earth was a pretty good movie, enjoyed seeing it again. The real surprise though was the movie Last Man On Earth was paired with on Netflix, Panic In Year Zero!. Panic was excellent, much higher production value, better story, better cast (not that I've got anything against Vincent Price), and really an all around excellent movie. While Panic might have also been shown on Creature Feature (I really loved that program as a kid), I didn't remember it at all.

I wont bother reviewing the entire plot of Panic, but basically it's the story of a family trying to survive in after a nuclear war. Very entertaining, highly recommend this one.

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