Thursday, January 11, 2018

Open and Shut, by David Rosenfelt

  • Title:  Open and Shut
  • Author:  David Rosenfelt
  • Borrowed from Fairfax County Public Library (Audiobook)
  • Started:  1/9/2018
  • Finished:  1/11/2018
This is the first in a series, a series which I've avoided because the book covers look too cutesy (all covered with dogs and most with title relating to dogs).  I love dogs, don't have kids and don't want them (much to the dismay of my parents & inlaws) but I'd have dozens of dogs if I could.  But in my downtown condo, one dog is the max (Bica, now 11, lived with us for 10 years, hound love of my life).

But as much as I love dogs, I don't want to read a mystery series centered around them with titles like "Play Dead" and "Dog Tags" and "One Dog Night."

But the first book in the series has no cute dog title, simply "Open & Shut" and it was read by one of my favorite voice actors, Grover Gardner.

With all that said -- I liked this one.  The main character (Andy Carpenter, I think) is wise-cracking, intelligent, and a bit of wimp (although somehow, of course, landing beautiful women).  I thought he seemed very Fletch-like, which I like, though I imagine these books get on the nerves of others.

Anyway, will almost certainly move onto the next one at some point.

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