Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bury the Lead, by David Rosenfelt

  • Title:  Bury the Lead
  • Author: David Rosenfelt
  • Borrowed from Fairfax County VA Public Library (Audiobook)
  • Started: 1/22/2018
  • Finished: 1/24/2018
When I first started these Andy Carpenter books a couple of weeks ago, I said how funny I found them (like the Fletch books) but that the titles/covers of the majority were dog related -- too cutsey for me.

Well, I'm man enough to admit, if not when I'm wrong, when I've lost a battle.  The combination of smart-ass one liners, and the expert narration by Grover Gardner, means I'm going to end up going through the entire series -- probably happily so.  I'll note that the author, David Rosenfelt, also shares my high regards for Gardner's narration.  To quote Rosenfelt from his website "Grover could read the Milwaukee Telephone Directory and make it sound compelling"

This, the third book in the series, wasn't an outstanding mystery.  Nonetheless, on my mile long commute from my condo to the office, I was laughing out loud like a crazy person on more than one occasion.  You can't top that for free entertainment.  

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