Monday, March 9, 2015

Spartacus, by Howard Fast

  • Title:  Spartacus
  • Author:  Howard Fast
  • Borrowed from DC Public Library (Kindle Edition)
  • Started: 3/3/2015
  • Finished:  3/9/2015
My Roman historical fiction fetish continues with Spartacus, by Howard Fast.  As I mentioned in my last post I've had a really good run of books so far in 2015, and Spartacus continues that trend.  I can't get over what a great book this was, despite barely telling the story of Spartacus, his rise, an the battles fought.  The book bounced around between voices, stories, time, and it was just so good.  It is no wonder it was made into a movie not long after it came out, and I like the movie.  But the movie is nothing compared to this extremely readable, enjoyable book.

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