Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters

A little break from my James Bond, Aubrey/Maturin, Nero Wolfe books.  I wanted another audiobook for while I exercise, but wasn't sure what I wanted to listen to.  I decided to see what Overdrive (my library's audiobook vendor) offered that was read by Simon Vance, the man who narrates all of the Aubrey/Maturin (Master & Commander) books I've so enjoyed.
It was in that search that I discovered this book, The Little Stranger.  I have not read any of Waters books previously, and didn't read anything about this one except that it was something of a period piece ghost story.  That sounded fun, if potentially spooky (I work out in the gym in my building around 5 am, almost always alone). I wasn't disappointed.
The book isn't really a ghost story (or is it?), definitely a period piece, and is a real slow burner.  I suspect some people would find it too slow, maybe boring.  Had I read it, rather than having Vance read it to me, maybe I would have found it so as well.
But that's not the case, and I found it to be a very entertaining book.  The ending, initially, was  a disappointment to me as it never explained if the goings on were supernatural or not, and even if supernatural who, whom, or how many were doing the haunting.  But as I thought the book over (and over, and over), and then turned to online discussions to see what others have said, I think the book is probably ended pretty well.  I'd love just a bit more info, but I guess that's the sign of a good book.

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