Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Seven-Percent Soluntion, by Nicholas Meyer

I've waited a while to read this one for a while, and it was worth the wait.  While Watson's original stories are still the gold standard, this find of Meyer's is still very entertaining.  I've already stated how much I enjoy annotations to these stories, and there is the one place Meyer disappointed me.  As he notes in the intro, Meyer kept the annotations to a bare minimum which is a shame, but the ones he included are fun.  My absolute favorite is this bit from the book:

As Watson writes: "I believe it is somewhere in Julius Caesar* that the bard speaks of music having the power to soothe the savage breast and calm the restless spirit..."

Meyer responds: * It isn't.

Good stuff, that had my chuckling for a while.  Really enjoyed this book, it reminds me I've still got one or two of Watson's novels that remain in my new annotated sherlock books.  I'll have to pick that volume up again soon.

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