Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood

I really enjoyed 9/10ths of this book.  Such a fun end of the world/last man on earth (well, kinda) story.  The flashbacks, the believable bioengineering disasters... this almost entirely a ton of fun.  But the ending?  That was terrible.  Yes, there is a sequel of sorts, and I might even read it, but I want books to stand on their own and the ending of this one did not, at least for me.
Still my overall impression is favorable.  I had such a hard time putting the book down, stayed up too late each night reading.  I really thought it was going to turn out that Oryx wasn't real, that she'd been created by Crake based on the image both Crake & Snowman had seen as teens.  I was disappointed to find out that wasn't the case.  But again, a real page turner.  I'll probably give a few of her other books a chance now.

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