Monday, April 5, 2010

Thin Air, by Robert Parker

  • Title:  Thin Air
  • Author:  Robert Parker
  • Found At Take One/Leave One Bookcase At Ocean City Beach Condo
  • Started 4/3/2010
  • Finished 4/3/2010
Another Spenser novel.  I needed something to read at the beach condo in Ocean City, MD this weekend.  I haven't gone through all the books we received when we purchased this condo, so I didn't realize there was another Spenser book there.  I didn't care too much for this one, plot wise it was actually one of the better Spenser novels.  But the lack of smart-ass prose made it a lot less fun to read.  Was an easy read to polish off in one afternoon though, an almost ideal beach-read, perhaps.

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