Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Stars My Destination, by Alfred Bester

This one had been on my list to read for quite some time.  SciFi isn't my favorite genre, but there are some books I really enjoy (Ender's Game, Martian Chronicals, etc.).  My first (and only other) Bester novel was The Demolished Man, which I loved, maybe more than this one.  But The Stars My Destination was very enjoyable.  Both exciting and thought provoking, I'm glad I finally picked this one up.
On a side note, my local library (DC Public, MLK Main Branch) has made big improvements in the pop fiction collection.  Not only in what they now carry, but in the overall organization.  Reserving books online and then swinging by to pick them up from the reserved shelf (my name on the binding) makes it a real joy to use.  I wish more people used public libraries, but I guess I'm biased being a librarian.

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