Monday, May 25, 2009

The Godwulf Manuscript (first Spenser book), by Robert B. Parker

That's right, after finishing Will Thomas's Some Danger Involved I picked up The Godwulf Manuscript from the small take-one-leave-one library at our beach condo. We took an extra day off and had 5 days & 4 nights at the beach. It was very nice, spent a lot of time reading on the beach or on the sunny balcony. The Godwulf Manuscript is the first in the Spenser series, also the first of these I'd ever read. My only knowledge of Spenser came from the 1980's Robert Urich TV show Spenser for Hire. I'd never really liked the show, although perhaps I need to give it another shot as I didn't read much back then.

I liked this first book, a smart-assed Boston PI, who loves his food, women, and beer. A short & easy read with a fairly straight forward mystery. I'm not sure I'll bother trying to read many of these books, but I'll probably run through a couple more and see how I feel after that.

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