Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The World's Most Haunted House, by William J. Hall

  • Title:  The World's Most Haunted House
  • Author:  William J Hall
  • Borrowed from Worcester, MD Public Library (audiobook)
  • Started:6/16/2019
  • Finished: 6/18/2019
After seeing some of The Conjuring movies I was curious about Ed & Lorraine Warren books.  I couldn't locate any so I went with this one that the Warren's at least participated in.  Wasn't a great book, but to my mind neither was the Amityville Horror (never understood people who thought that book was scary).  One thing this book did have going for it were the official documents and transcripts.  Near the end you get a clear-headed account in one of these transcripts that provides the most rational explanation of the events.  It's a sad story for the little girl at the center, and her overbearing parents (especially mom).

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