Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Columbo Phile: A Casebook, by Mark Dawidziak

Almost two years I've been reading this!  Well that's not quite fair, it has been sitting on my night stand for almost two years and every so often I would read a section on an episode, slowly (very slowly) making my way through the series.

Overall I enjoyed this, having first come upon it in the library at USF (the real one in Tampa, not the fake one in San Fran) when I was an undergrad there.  I had always wanted to pick up a copy but could never justify the expense for used versions.

I got lucky in August of 2014 when I found a copy for a more reasonable $29 (right now the cheapest is $89, and some go for over $300!), and a gift card to Amazon as well.  

Dawidziak and I don't always agree on the caliber of the episodes (I can't understand how he didn't love "An Exercise in Fatality", one of my favorites), but overall we were on the same page.

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