Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Angels, by Denis Johnson

  • Title:  Angels
  • Author:  Denis Johnson
  • Purchased from Amazon (print)
  • Started:  11/9/2015
  • Finished:  11/22/2015

Another Denis Johnson novel, his first I believe.  While not quite as polished as the other works of his I've read, I still very much enjoyed it.  I had to force myself to slow down, reading it too quickly and not savoring his writing.  In fact about 20 pages in I re-started the book realizing I just wasn't reading this thoroughly enough.

I thought the book lost its way a bit about 3/4s through, but picked back up again when Houston was on death row.  If I had known about Johnson's work when I was in college I think I would have been obsessed (I'm close enough now as it is), the way I was with Henry Miller.  It is fun to find an author whose work you love, that is for sure.

This was my choice for the book club I joined recently, curious to see if anyone else enjoyed it.

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