Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bird Box, by Josh Malerman

  • Title:  Bird Box
  • Author:  Josh Malerman
  • Borrowed from DC Public Library (AudioBook)
  • Started:  9/10/2015
  • Finished: 9/14/2015
I tried to like this one, and sometimes I did enjoy it.  But ultimate I was never totally immersed in this dystopian world, never really cared much for the people in it.  Perhaps this is most telling -- I didn't even flinch when the dog died.

With that said, there were some well written scenes, some interesting ideas.  It wasn't painful to read, just not very satisfying.  Particularly the way (I felt) the rules for the unseen beasts kept changing.  Animals are also affected!  Except when they're not!  

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