Monday, March 31, 2014

When Will There Be Good News, by Kate Atkinson

My devouring of the Jackson Brodie series continues.  To racap, I loved the first (case histories), disliked the second, and now I've finished the third which is also very good.  Atkinson loves coincidences, so if those bother you in novels skip these books.  But the interweaving of story lines and characters is done very well, for an extremely satisfying read.
Having just said that, this book went just a bit too far in two specific instances.  I thought the very small sub-plot with Brodie being swindled of his money by his wife just too much beyond belief.  I also was bothered by the coincidence of having Brodie be the searches who found Joanna 30 or so years ago. 
Still, a very enjoyable read, and a good comeback from what I thought was a terrible second novel.

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