Friday, July 19, 2013

The Fifth Business, by Robertson Davies

  • Title:  The Fifth Business (Book 1 of The Deptford Trilogy)
  • Author:  Robertson Davies
  • Borrowed from Coworker
  • Started: 7/11/2013
  • Finished: 7/17/2013
A coworker gave me this book a while back, but I had several books lined up so it took me a while to get started.  The volume I have is huge, because it contains all three books that make up The Deptford Trilogy, the book this post is about, The Fifth Business, is book one of that trilogy.
This was a very entertaining book, something of a coming of age story, mystery, and a generational drama.  It reminded me a little of a book I read a few years ago, Barney's Version, and not just b/c both are by Canadian authors.  Anyway, thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to reading the next two books in the trilogy, especially b/c the murder mystery appears to have been solved at the end of the first book... will that prove to not be the case as I continue on?

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