Monday, May 13, 2013

Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Title:  Kidnapped
  • Author:  Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Audio MP3 borrowed from DC Public Library
  • Started:  4/1/2013
  • Finished:  5/13/2013
I haven't listed to an audio book since the middle of last year, best as I can recall.  But my aging dog means we don't take long runs every morning any longer, instead my dog gets walks three days a week and then jogs two days.  So on the days where we just walk, I get up and exercise first.  Most days consist of 35 or so minutes on an elliptical, then some light weights. 
When I run outside, I don't like any music or distractions.  I live in a beautiful city with plenty of fun sights for my pup and I.  But when I'm on the elliptical (or treadmill), using the dip bar, or pressing dumpbells, I need a distraction and prefer to listen to books rather than music.
Kidnapped was the first book I listened to with this new routine.  I had wanted to continue with the Master & Commander series, but the next book I was to read/listen to there wasn't yet available (it is now, up next for audio).  Kidnapped was about 7 hours long, so it took a while to get through when you consider I only listened to 45-60 minutes of the book, three days a week.  But I finished it this morning and did enjoy it.  A good "boys adventure" that I thoroughly enjoyed.  And the Blackstone audio (publisher of many of the audio books I end up listening to) presentations are just so well done.  Really enjoy books this way, when I can't read them myself.

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