Monday, March 11, 2013

Poirot Investigates, byt Agatha Christie

  • Title:  Poirot Investigates
  • Author:  Agatha Christie
  • Purchased from (Kindle edition)
  • Started:  Summer 2012
  • Finished:  March 10, 2013
My started/ended up there is a little embarrassing, but it is true I've been reading this off and on since last Summer.  This is a volume filled with Poirot short stories, so I would read one between other books, or at bedtime, etc.

But the bottom line is I haven't been reading much at all.  Well not novels, anyway.  Lots of newspapers and magazines, but very few books (none for months).  I've been in a funk lately, but hoping I'm getting past it now and can move on to more reading and less tv/movies/video games. 
This collection of stories was fantastic, I knew many of them by the TV show of Poirot (see "too much TV," above) and it was interesting to see how they differed.  A great set of stories, could certainly see myself reading more of the Poirot novels. 

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