Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Overdue Update: Several Books in Spring of 2012

I'd prefer to give each of these their own post, but I'm too lazy and I've put this off for too long.  At least these will be discoverable via a search of the site, even if they won't get their own post.
All of the above, with the exception of the O'Brian books & Watership Down, were books read on my Kindle.  The O'Brian books & Watershipd Down were all audio books.  I suspect I will get through many more of the O'Brian books, I'm enjoying those quite a bit.  I'm not sure I'd enjoy them as much reading them, I find the narration (which I believe is read by Simon Vance) to be very engrossing.  The different tons and accents for each character, the dramatic pauses and other verbal changes based on the scene have helped me pass numerous hours at home doing otherwise boring chores.

I really should have given Watership Down its own post.  Of all the books above that was by far my favorite, one I really should have read as a teenager (stupid FLA public school education).  It was exciting, heart breaking, and wonderful.  I also watched the movie version a few weeks after reading the book and while it was entertaining enough it was nothing compared to the books.

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