Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dead In The West, by Joe R Lansdale

This is a book I had been wanting to read in comic (I mean graphic novel) form for quite some time.  But at 99 cents as an eBook on Amazon which I could read on my iPhone's Kindle app, I decided to at least read the novel.  I like Lansdale's books in general and this was no exception.  Lots of noble men with flaws, herioc acts, true love, and dark humor.  Of course just about everyone dies at the end (first zombified, then dead-dead), but still it was a good read.

Took me a long time to get through it though.  Kindle app is great, but reading a novel on the tiny iPhone screen is miserable.  A few weeks back I bought a real Kindle though, the fire, as I wanted a bigger screen for Netflix, Amazon video, and eBooks.  The $200 price tage was cheap enough to make me get it, even if it wasn't perfect.  No complaints here, $200 well spent.

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