Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Replay, by Ken Grimwood

  • Title:  Replay
  • Author:  Ken Grimwood
  • Borrowed from DC Public Library
  • Started:  10/1/2011
  • Finished:  10/22/2011
This recommendation came from the magazine, The Week.  In that magazine they have a page where they ask an author for a handful of their favorite books, usually with some theme or topic.  I don't know which author it was, but Replay was one of the books he listed as his favorites on the chosen topic.  It sounded fun so I picked it up, then I had trouble putting it down. 
This was a really fun book, sort of a life-long groundhog day and even that's not a very good or fair description.  It was a very entertaining read that I only allowed myself to look at over the weekends, or I knew I'd be up late week nights trying to finish.  I'd never heard of Grimwood but will almost certainly pick up some of his other books to see if I like them as much as Replay.

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