Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rendezvous in Black, by Cornell Woolrich

I initially had this book on a list of books by Woolrich that I had read, but when I re-read the description I realized I had not, it was nother in the black series I had read.  The opening of this book (very opening) describing the love between the the to-be-married couple was great, Woolrich really had a way with words and feelings.  But the dead of the bride-to-be is hillariously stupid.  Still it sets up the revenge plot that is great fun for the rest of the book.

The finale is a little lame (as was the opening death mentioned above) but 90% of this book is great, one of the best noir mysteries I'd read in a while.
Off topic (sort of), but "rendezvous" is a great word.  I'm not sure I was ever conscous of the spelling until I sat down to read this book.

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