Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Moviegoer, by Walker Percy

I started this one a long, long time ago.  Months ago.  It's a fairly short novel, but it didn't grab me and I'd already been disillusioned with a previous Percy novel.  So I put it down and read other things, but came back to it about a week ago and picked it up again.  It was as if I'd picked up a different novel entirely.  This time I loved it, captivated by it, could not put it down.  I can't tell you what the difference was, but I really enjoyed it with this second attempt. 
I'd pretty much sworn off Percy novels after reading (and disliking) Love in the Ruins.  But I'm tempted to give him another shot now.  There is something about a person living inside themselves, often to a fault, that I can identify with in some ways.  I'll see how I feel after I read another Percy book.

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