Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dune, by Frank Herbert

  • Title: Dune
  • Author: Frank Herbert
  • Borrowed from my office take-one-leave-one library
  • Started: 2/16/2010
  • Finished: 2/21/2010
Dune is one of those books I've always wondered about but never felt compelled to pursue. It happened to fall into my lap by being made available at the office's library while I was awaiting a delivery of my next planned books (very excited about these). So I read Dune, and although I objectively really didn't like it, I also could not put it down. I didn't watch much TV the last 5 days days and instead spent my free time reading the book. I imagine this is how I would feel about a Danielle Steel romance novel: I would probably not like the books, but find the writing so compelling that I had to keep reading, and in some ways hated myself for liking the books.

I'm glad I've finally read Dune, but I won't bother with the rest of the series. Although it's a reported mess, I will track down a copy of the theatrical release of the movie and watch that to see how closely it relates to what I just read.

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SandChigger said...

Have a look at the SciFi mini-series, too, if you have time and are interested. It and the Lynch movie both have their good and bad points. (Have you heard there's a new movie in the works?)

I hope you eventually reconsider your decision not to read the other five Dune books by Frank Herbert. (Avoid like the plague the fanfic fluff written under the names of his son Brian and hack Kevin J. Anderson!)