Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nothing Lasts Forever, by Roderick Thorp

You'd almost think I had done this on purpose.  Flying from DC to CA one Thursday morning, I spent 5 of the 6 hours on the the plane reading Thorp's follow up to The Detective, titled Nothing Lasts Forever ("NLF").  Even when flying JetBlue with their DirectTV offerings, I just can't sit and watch that boring TV for very long.
For those of you who don't know, Nothing Lasts Forever is the book on which the greatest Christmas movie ever is based.  That movie, of course, is Die Hard.  The plot of NLF is remarkably similar to Die Hard, remarkable perhaps in that the movie followed the book so closely.  I expected to find that Die Hard was loosely based on the book, but really it was pretty damn close.  I found NLF to be very enjoyable, a fun read for such a long, boring flight.
NLF was a much more bloody & action packed book than The Detective, but I liked them both very much.  I'm not sure I'll pick up any other Thorp books as these are the only two books to follow detective Joe Leland

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